Town of High Level

Town of High Level - "Gateway to the South"

High Level is located halfway between Edmonton and Yellowknife, approximately 800km from either direction.  With a population of some 3800, this town thrives as the regional hub and is growing at an incredible rate.  There are more than 1000 hotel rooms available to the many travellers we accommodate, dozens of restaurants catering to all palettes and more than 300 trade establishments providing the myriad of goods and services you would expect to find in any settlement. 
High Level also sits on the crossroads of Highway 35 and 58, proving it is just as much a gateway north, east and west as it is one to the south.  West will take you to the industrious town of Rainbow Lake where it sits on the oil and gas fields. Go in the other direction and you will find Alberta's oldest community nestled on the banks of the Peace river; Fort Vermilion.  Strike out north and you will quickly find yourself amidst the sprawling wildlands of the territories while south will see you heading for warmer climes and denser populations.  High Level's location gives it the best of all directions, no matter your interests.
We are fortunate to have many recreation programs for children within our community including swimming club, Minor Hockey, Little League Baseball, Minor Soccer, Lacrosse, Figure Skating, Curling, and dance, just to name a few.  There's always something for your child to do!