Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Spirit of the North is a unique school in many respects. Our school was designed by teachers, parents, children, board members and administrators. It was truly a collaboration of great minds that created such a beautiful school. In this case beauty is not only skin deep, it truly is a school where kids come first and each child has successes. Our reputation is of a school that builds academic skills as well as focusing on positive character development.

Our students come to Spirit after years of very structured environments where they learned routines, procedures and personal skills. Our students are moving toward a less a structured environment into a world of choices, accountability and responsibility for their learning. They are ready for this challenge. We assist our students in their journey through pre adolescence by modeling the skills and attributes we seek in them. We use the support to independence model in all we do. We use the I Do, We Do, now You Do approach to teaching. We model, model, model. It is the belief of Spirit of the North Staff that we must provide opportunities to strengthen student’s abilities. There are many prospects for skill building at Spirit of the North: through character education, exploratories, intramurals, student government, service learning, school patrol, and after school sports and clubs.

Our students are in the pre-adolescent stage. During these years kid’s bodies are out growing their mental age. Kids often do and then think! Some are clumsy and uncoordinated. Many are developing physically and are embarrassed. These physical changes impact how they feel about themselves and others. . They can react to others or may lose focus on school tasks. As you know it is imperative you build a relationship with your students, this will allow you to be able to teach and to be there when you are needed.

Developing a sense of team, of belonging and a safe environment physically and emotionally is “Spirit.” Your classroom should be a community where everyone cares for each other, when someone is missing we are wonder where they are. We plan for successes for our students ensuring each child is better when they go on to their next school. At Spirit we know that we are able to teach children, when they feel cared for and respected, only then, will they be able to learn to their maximum potential.

At Spirit of the North we use the What, Why, How message when prompting  kids.  Staff at Spirit know there is a reason for each and every behavior. Our staff strives to find the cause for their behavior and will research to find out whether he/she wants to avoid something or to get something. Many of our staff are behavioral detectives.

At Spirit your caring and concern are recognized by the community, central office and anyone who walks into our building. Remember that your caring and concern for the students helps them through these confusing times and helps them to build self-confidence. At Spirit of the North Community School the students learn respect for themselves and others, skill building and responsibility. You are the most important variable in their success.

Shane Dempster

School Goals:

  1. All students will improve reading, writing and digital literacy skills.
  2. All students will improve numeracy skills through practical applications of curricular outcomes.
  3. All students will be increasingly engaged in learning environments to improve achievement and citizenship skills.