History and Meaning of our Logo

We’d like to introduce you to the history of our school logo and to the meaning of its symbols. When we opened Spirit of the North Community School in September of 2000, we asked our students to enter a logo contest. We had over 140 students submit designs. Next, we looked for an individual who was artistic who could weave some of the student themes into a logo that also reflected the following themes:

  • The cultural diversity of the north.
  • The school’s STARS expectation and behavior theme.
  • The beauty of the northern boreal region we live in.
  • The industrial and economic diversity of our communities.
  • The importance of education in today’s world.

Raye’s Signs took on the task of designing the logo. After numerous drafts we agreed upon the logo as you see it today in our gymnasium, on school promotional materials and on our letterhead.

OUTER CIRCLE—Represents a compass to aid in direction

STARS—Theme of the School

NORTHERN LIGHTS—The real beauty of the North

SPRUCE TREES—Lumber Industry & Vastness of the North

CHILDREN—Cultural Diversification

BOOK—Knowledge & Literacy

QUILL & INK—Writing and a drop of oil to represent oil industry

STALKS OF WHEAT—Represents Farming Industry

CENTRE CIRCLE—With knowledge and education we will go forth in this world