Staff Directory

Here's a list of the Support Staff at SNCS:

Allan Herring - Head Custodian
Debbie Arnold - Transition Coach
Lilli Packard - Head Cook
Lynne Lewsaw - Speech Assistant
Megan Kelley - Child Circle Worker
Semantha Fehr - Custodian
Tina Theissen - Custodian
Tracy Schemp - Library Aide

Amy Scott - Educational Assistant
Carmen Rose - Educational Assistant
Fern Lizotte - Educational Assistant
Gillian Courtoreille - Educational Assistant
Karen Pelensky - Educational Assistant
Lori-Anne Chambaud - Educational Assistant
Michelle Metacat - Educational Assistant
Natalia Schwarz - Educational Assistant
Natasha Derkson - Educational Assistant
Olivia Harder - Educational Assistant
Sabrina Whealy - Educational Assistant